為了紀念 2010年週鯊魚,其中8月1日開始,探索頻道的主要辦公樓在馬里蘭市中心銀泉,成一個巨大的鯊魚。

 In honor of Shark Week 2010, which starts August 1, the Discovery Channel transformed its main office building in downtown Silver Spring, Maryland into a giant shark.


充氣鯊魚,名為“Chompie,”共分五個部分 - 頭部,兩側鰭,背鰭和尾巴。 如果是真正的鯊魚,這將是大約有446英尺長的尖鼻子,他的回他的尾巴,從 113英尺高的腹部頂端他的背鰭,大約 200英尺寬的小費付小費他的側鰭 - 他將重約八四〇〇〇磅。

The inflatable shark, named "Chompie," consists of five pieces - the head, two side fins, a dorsal fin, and a tail. If the shark were real, it would be about 446 feet long from the tip of his nose to the back of his tail, about 113 feet tall from his belly to the top of his dorsal fin, and about 200 feet wide from tip to tip of his side fins -- and he would weigh about 84,000 pounds.

The shark is a cold-air inflatable - it must be continuously inflated by air while it is installed on the building. It takes 10 air blowers blowing 2000 cubic feet per minute of air each to keep the five pieces inflated.








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