Grab a fork and set your aww meters to munch. It's feeding time at the Cute Cafe and these animals dressed in food costumes are what's for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


  • To start off, we have a delicious schnauzer salad.

  • Followed by dog tacos two-ways. Authentic...

  • And American

  • Spaghetti and meatballs are the next course

  • Unless, of course, you'd like some Mac n' Cheese

  • If ever there was a time for breakfast, it was now.

  • Nothing goes better with bacon and eggs than a bunny waffle

  • Except for maybe a rabbit pancake

  • How about a hot dog?


  • Would you like ketchup or mustard?

  • Or a lobster cat?

  • Cat not your thing? How about lobster dog?

  • Tonight we also have a rawdog special. It's dog sushi.

  • And if you've never tried prairie dog, now's the time.

  • For dessert we're serving ferret Tootsie Roll...

  • Fresh fruit

  • And a banana split


  • We're also giving a free t-shirt to anyone who can eat them all*.
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